Midland, Ontario – March 27, 2007 – We are very pleased to announce that BRP/Ski-Doo has donated over $21,000.00 recently to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run through the successful sales of a customized toque created by BRP/Ski-Doo.

The idea for the pink angora toque began in the fall of 2006; it was a concept that took off very quickly with the PAC team at BRP/Ski-Doo, as well as being a first time initiative for the company. Incorporating the Ski-Doo name on the one side of the ladies pink angora toque with the well known symbol of a breast cancer ribbon on the other side. The toque was sold across Canada at Ski-Doo dealers to help raise awareness of the disease and raise funds.

“Ski-Doo has sponsored the charity from it’s inception in 2000 through the support of local Ski-Doo Dealer – Factory Recreation in Midland, Ontario. “We were very excited when BRP/Ski-Doo announced their sponsorship from a corporate level in 2005, which was a goal that Kelly Shires dreamt of before losing her battle with breast cancer in October 2004”, says Cayley, Co-Founder. When the idea for the toque was presented, both groups were very enthusiastic about the project.

The funds from this initiative will be split between the two current chapters, one in Ontario and one in Quebec. Funds raised in Ontario are able to assist breast cancer patients all across Canada. “We are very happy to be able to offer more assistance to breast cancer patients with these new funds coming in from the toque program”, adds Cayley, “In 2006 the need for funding was undeniable and funds were quickly dispersed to breast cancer patients, we started off 2007 with over 50 applicants on a waiting list for funding”.

Special thanks to BRP/Ski-Doo for their continued support of the charity and event. The unique toque program is proof that they support their chosen causes seriously and whole heartedly.

The theme behind the Snow Run is women helping women. The snowmobile ride is designed to raise desperately needed funds to help financially assist women in their fight against breast cancer. The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run is a registered Canadian Charity, helping financially assist breast cancer patients with unforeseen expenses faced which may not be covered by health insurance programs. The trust provides assistance to breast cancer patients in these circumstances in order to make their fight against breast cancer a little less challenging. To register for the event, apply for financial assistance or make a donation please contact us at

For further information or questions:

1-877-436-6467 WWW.BREASTCANCERSNOWRUN.ORG or WWW.KELLYSHIRESFOUNDATION.ORG Suzy Cayley, Co-Founder/Director/Ontario Event Coordinator

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